Kitchen ILDA 3m20 with column oven

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Create a warm atmosphere in your interior thanks to the kitchen ILDA, with its coating gloss lacquer very on trend ! A location is provided in the middle to put your gas stove. If you have a wall oven you can add a piece of furniture, baking oven unit available on the site

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A kitchen 3m20 with front lacquered finish.

Items high :

- 1 element with 2 doors 80cm (31 cm deep, 71,7 cm, 1 shelf)

- 2 hoods showcase of 60cm (31 cm deep, 71,7 cm height)

- 1 element with 1 door 60cm (31 cm deep, 71,7 cm, 1 shelf)

Elements low :

- 1 under-sink 120 cm (51 cm deep, 82 cm high)

- 1 element, 3 drawers 60 cm (51 cm deep, 82 cm high)

- 1 element with 2 doors 80 cm (51 cm deep, 82 cm high, 1 shelf)

- 1 column wall oven 60 cm wide with 2 doors (60 cm depth 205 cm height)

Work Plans : 1 60 and 1 80 cm. (depth 60cm, height 3cm).

Technical characteristics :

Colours available : white, red, black, grey, black and white, cream, chocolate, cappuccino, burgundy and eggplant.

Material fronts : lacquered.

Fibreboard, high density (+/- 880kg/m3).

Composition : wood fiber or plant connected by thermal pressure.

Panel thickness : 16-18mm.

Thickness of the lacquer : 4 layers.

Material casing :

Particleboard agglomerated.

Density of panel : from 480 to 730kg/m3.

Thickness of the case / panel: 16mm.

Handles: plastic, chrome.

Special features :

Cabinet range hood equipped with actuators.

Items equipped with hooks wall (for each grip, a clip for attaching to the wall without screws is provided).

Furniture in kit to assemble yourself. A detailed information leaflet is provided in each carton. You can also download it on the site. All the modules are independent, you can arrange the elements as you wish.




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