General conditions of sale and use

Last updated on December 14, 2018.

1.    Legal Notice

Company details



Industrial area of ​​Rolach Hall 7 - Zone 1



VAT number: LU28913462


The website is hosted by the company OVH SAS with a capital of € 10,000,000 RCS Roubaix - Tourcoing 424,761,419,00045

APE Code 6202A

VAT number: FR 22 424 761 419

The head office :

2 Kellermann Street

59100 Roubaix

la France


Any order validated by a customer (as this term is defined below) on the site "" implies the prior acceptance of these terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale are written in French and express the obligations, rights of the customer and the company AMV SAFETY.

In this sense, the customer acknowledges without reservation the entirety of the provisions provided for herein. AMV SAFETY agrees to respect the obligations incumbent upon it under these conditions.

Our general conditions are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the online sale of goods and services offered by AMV SAFETY SARL to its customers.

2.    Acknowledgment


Will be called a "Customer", any natural or legal person wishing to trade with AMV SAFETY SARL in accordance with the terms and conditions of the site "" and will be referred to as a "Supplier", each company having directly sold Products to AMV SAFETY SARL or having mandated AMV SAFETY SARL to sell a product belonging to it on the site.

Each order made by a customer under the conditions provided herein will be hereinafter referred to as "Order".

The companies to which AMV SAFETY SARL calls for the transportation of its products from its warehouses or the warehouses of its partners to the customer are here called "Carriers".


Insofar as the customer orders online the products and / or services presented on the website of AMV SAFETY SARL, the validation of the general conditions of sale on the "order form" (at the time of the order) marks the conclusion of the contract between the customer and AMV SAFETY SARL.

Any order validated by the customer by his "double click" or his agreement over the phone constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions by the customer. After the agreement by telephone, an email proving the agreement is requested with a summary of the order from the customer.

Probationary document

The contractual information concerning an order will be subject to confirmation by email. The company AMV SAFETY SARL recommends the customer to keep his order confirmation email or print it. However, may also constitute legal proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties, all documents from the filing of purchase orders and invoices in the computer systems of AMV SAFETY SARL.

Validity of the GSC

The company AMV SAFETY SARL via the site "" reserves the right to modify its general conditions of sale at any time. Any new version of the general conditions of sale will be indicated previously on the home page or directly on the page of the general conditions of sale of the site of the company AMV SAFETY SARL.

The products ordered on the site of AMV SAFETY SARL by the customers are governed by the general conditions of sale on line on the date on which the order was carried out.

3.    Tradename

Website "   Is operated by AMV SAFETY SARL.

AMV SAFETY SARL is a limited liability company, the registered office is located in   :

ZI Rolach

Hall 7 zone 1  

L5280 Sandweiler


VAT number: LU20177007

The purpose of the company AMV SAFETY SARL is to carry out commercial operations in all areas (all trade).

4.    Contract length

The general terms and conditions of sale (GTC) are concluded between the parties for the duration required for the supply of the goods and services subscribed, until the extinction of their guarantees.

5.    Products

The products offered by the company AMV SAFETY SARL on the website "" comply with the Luxembourg legislation in force and standards applicable in Europe. However, should a product be withdrawn from the market for any reason by the supplier, AMV SAFETY SARL will do its utmost to withdraw the product from the sale as soon as possible. This action can not in any case give a right of pursuit in favor of the customer. AMV SAFETY SARL strives to present at best, on the product sheets, the essential characteristics of the latter. The information presented by AMV SAFETY SARL is that provided by the suppliers. In case of misdescription, the customer will not automatically get the right to return the product. Except in the cases provided for in Article 13 below, only an obvious error in the description of the substantial qualities of the product may justify a right of return of the product. The presented photographs of the products do not enter the contractual field of the orders. The product does not necessarily include all elements / accessories of the photo, please refer to the detailed product sheet for more information. Some of the photos are the property of the manufacturers or suppliers of the products considered.


The company AMV SAFETY SARL undertakes to honor orders received within the limits of available stocks at the time of order. In case of delay or unavailability, AMV SAFETY SARL undertakes to inform the customer as soon as possible of the information in his possession and to offer him a similar product in the same price and feature level or a refund. If the customer opts for a refund, AMV SAFETY SARL will do its utmost to reimburse the customer within 48 hours from the date on which the services of his wish to be reimbursed.


The majority of the products sold on the AMV SAFETY SARL site are stored in its warehouses, or in the warehouses of its partners. However, some products are stored at some providers. For these products, the time of availability corresponds to the time of transportation of the product from the warehouse of the supplier to that of AMV SAFETY SARL. In this situation, the delivery time at the customer corresponds to the time of availability to which it is naturally necessary to add the delivery time indicated on the site. These deadlines are valid from the date of validation of the payment by AMV SAFETY SARL.

6.    The command

Any customer registered on the site will be engaged by any order which necessitated the use of the email address and the personal password of the said customer (subject to the rights of retraction and return as defined herein). The customer must therefore check all information entered during the order (Product ordered, delivery address, billing address, phone number ...). In the case of an order placed by telephone with the telephone sales department of the site   »Of the company AMV SAFETY SARL, the customer must also check the information entered by the advisor (name and surname, delivery and billing addresses, product ordered, warranty chosen ...). The information is also included on the order confirmation email.

If after validation of his order the customer realizes the need to modify certain information, he can do it by contacting the customer service. It is important to bring your order number within 24 hours so that the latter can best meet his demand.

The company AMV SAFETY SARL can not be held responsible for any errors in the seizure by the customer or consequences resulting in a delay or an error of delivery, including if it is an order made by phone and validated by mail .

If the delivery can not take place because of an error of entry by the customer, the expenses of forwarding will be charged to the customer, a participation in the shipping costs can be requested during the forwarding of an order having initially free postage. In this case, the customer will refrain from any claim due to delivery times.

Only people legally able to take out contracts for goods and services offered on the site, can order on the sites of the company AMV SAFETY SARL. When placing the order, the customer certifies to have full legal capacity to adhere to these terms and conditions and thus conclude this contract. When paying by credit card, the customer guarantees that he is fully entitled to use the card and that it belongs to him and that it gives access to sufficient funds to cover all the costs necessary for the payment of the order.

The ordering steps

A summary of the basket is proposed to you with the possibility of modifying your products as well as their quantity. The price TVAC is displayed and is added the price of the delivery to give a total TTC. The possibility of adding a promotional code is applicable. This is automatically deduced if the conditions of use of the code are respected.

Step 1   : address allows you to choose the delivery address of the order and the billing address of it. These two addresses can be distinct.

Step 2   : Delivery method allows to choose the desired delivery method. Either a delivery with GLS (small parcels only) or by DBSchenker (at the foot of the house) or Mondial Relay (delivery in the desired room). It is also possible to leave a comment for the delivery.

To go to step 3, it is essential to accept the general conditions of use.

Step 3   : please choose a means of payment allows to choose through which means of payment the user wants to pay his order. The 3 means of payment are explained in detail in point 7.

Order Tracking Mail

The company AMV SAFETY SARL sends a confirmation email for each order of the customer to summarize the contractual information.

Order processing

Orders placed on the site "" are processed in the order in which they are actually received. AMV SAFETY SARL therefore undertakes to process all orders, within the limits of available stocks. Deliveries can only be scheduled according to availabilities and in the order of arrival of the orders and can be made in a total or partial way. In case of order of several articles, the company AMV SAFETY SARL keeps in its warehouses or those of its partners the order until it is complete. It is possible to ship each of the items separately at the express request of the customer, in which case a contribution to the costs may be requested from the customer.

Failure to fulfill the order

The company AMV SAFETY SARL can not be held responsible for the breach of the contract in case of out of stock or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disruption or partial or total strike including means of transport and postal services, communications (computer network breakdown, etc.), fire, flood, etc. The company AMV SAFETY SARL can not be held responsible, towards a customer or a third party, for any direct or indirect damage, any loss of profit or turnover or any loss of data occurred in any way that it is, even if this damage, this loss or this prejudice was predictable by the company AMV SAFETY SARL, or if its eventuality had been brought to its attention in any way.

7.    The price

The prices of products sold on the site are indicated in Euros including VAT and excluding shipping costs (except special operation), warranty, ancillary services and are valid as long as they are present on the descriptive card of the product.

They are also indicated in Euros all taxes included VAT (VAT + other possible taxes such as the delivery costs etc) in the basket visible from any page of the site and on the page of order.

If the price of the same product is wrong for any reason, it is the price indicated during the validation of the order will prevail.

Price fluctuation

It is possible that the price of the same product fluctuates after it is put online on the site. This fluctuation can be punctual because of a promotion operation whose duration is limited in time or longer. AMV SAFETY SARL can not therefore be held responsible for fluctuations in the public price. These fluctuations in no way entitle the customer to return his product outside the conditions and deadlines for returns provided in Article 13 below. The company AMV SAFETY SARL can not be implicated in case of fluctuations in the selling price and any price differences will not be refunded in any case.

Indicative public selling price

The possible public comparison price displayed most often next to the selling price is deemed to represent either the estimated list price provided by the seller or the price recorded by AMV SAFETY SARL's services in one or more points. sales price, or an estimate of the price supplied to AMV SAFETY SARL by an expert from the sector concerned.

Possible errors

All our prices are given subject to obvious typographical error. If an error should occur, the company AMV SAFETY SARL will contact the customer to warn him of the error made by his services and remind him that the order may be billed to the conditions corrected. Except in case of refusal of the corrected conditions, the customer will be able to cancel the corrected order without penalty.

8.    Payment


To guarantee the security of its online payments AMV SAFETY SARL uses a secure payment platform: Oyst or Hipay. The transaction is carried out via a gateway site of   Oyst or Hipay who alone has the information exchanged on the site at the time of payment.

After acceptance of this, a payment validation email is sent to the Customer. The society   Oyst or Hipay guarantees the total confidentiality of the personal data of payment.

This company is secured by the SSL protocol which automatically controls the validity of access rights during payment by card and encrypts all exchanges to ensure confidentiality. The exchange of sensitive information such as the credit card number is between the buyer and   Oyst or Hipay e-commerce. Thus, at no time, the seller knows the credit card number of the buyer. The site as well as the servers of   Oyst or Hipay are protected by different firewall systems and protocol conversions to prohibit access to data and / or payment processors by unwanted visitors.

Payment methods

The customer guarantees AMV SAFETY SARL that he has all the necessary authorizations necessary to use the method of payment he has chosen. The customer can settle his order with:

-         A credit card   : online at the AMV SAFETY SARL websites by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue, etc.). The customer is naturally obliged to provide the type of credit card, the credit card number, the expiry date and the cryptogram. It guarantees at the same time that it is fully entitled to use the said card and that this card gives access to sufficient funds to cover all the costs resulting from its order.

-         A bank transfer: The customer will be automatically redirected to the account of AMV SAFETY SARL for European customers, it is very important to indicate the number of your order when you transfer, if necessary it may cause a delay in processing your longer order.

-         The SAFEDEBIT payment option is available for domiciled bank accounts
In France and DOM-COM - valid for all orders from 300 to 3000 € (delivery included).

Access to the invoice

The invoice for your purchase is available directly in the "my account" section accessible from the home page of the site. By entering his email address and his password, the customer will have access to his invoice, he will be able to print it or save it on his computer. Important, the purchase order that the customer establishes online or the order confirmation sent by e-mail to the customer by the company AMV SAFETY SARL does not and can not act as an invoice, regardless of the means of order and adopted payment, an original invoice is available in his account tracking online. The company AMV SAFETY SARL keeps an electronic copy of each invoice, which the customer can claim by mail or by mail to the address indicated above.

Failure to pay

AMV SAFETY SARL reserves the right to suspend or terminate or restrict the account of a customer who contravenes the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Anyone whose account has been suspended, restricted or closed can not order on the site without first asking permission to the person (s) with the rights within the company AMV SAFETY SARL. In addition AMV SAFETY SARL reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a customer who has not fully paid a previous order or with whom a dispute is not resolved. AMV SAFETY SARL therefore reserves the property of the products subject to the order until payment and full collection of the selling price. In the event of refusal by the customer's bank of a debit card or refusal to cash a check or any other means of payment, it is up to the customer to do the necessary and therefore to contact the customer service to to settle the order by any means of payment as quickly as possible, AMV SAFETY SARL can not guarantee the customer the availability of the ordered products.

Payment validation

The validation of the payment by the services of the company AMV SAFETY SARL allows the unblocking of the order and the shipping of the parcels to the customer's home by the service provider chosen by the customer or imposed by the company AMV SAFETY SARL or its service providers.


Validation is effective after receipt and confirmation of your payment by our service providers.

The delay

The billing of the Customer usually occurs within 24 hours from the day of payment validation if all conditions are met.

9.    The delivery

The quantity and the name of the delivered thing are those fixed on the confirmation of order that the customer received by mail. The company AMV SAFETY SARL reserves the right to modify the item to be delivered, that is to say when the modifications are related to the technical evolution of the product, it being understood that the consumer is free to mention the characteristics to which he subordinates his engagement. The articles sold on the site by the company AMV SAFETY SARL are guaranteed new unless mentioned, and this in accordance with the law in force and in no case, was the subject of prior use.

The delivery process

Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Luxembourg or from the warehouse of one of our service providers.

If the order is paid by bank transfer, bank check or any other means of payment other than by credit card, shipping times begin to run on the date of receipt of payment. Delivery times can only be respected if the buyer is up to date with his obligations towards the seller. Delivery does not include installation or commissioning of the ordered product.

The company AMV SAFETY SARL does not dispatch any order in the DOM-TOM whatever the product, for more information please contact the customer service by email at

Place and date of delivery

Place and date of delivery are determined by the parties. The delivery date is fixed only a few days before delivery, and this may vary depending on the service provider selected by the customer or imposed by the company AMV SAFETY SARL.

In case of absence, the seller will be entitled to charge the buyer a participation in the costs related to a return to delivery or the amount of the next delivery.

The delivery time

Deliveries are made by different specialized carriers considered as service providers or partners they are selected according to the nature of the product subject of the order from Monday to Friday from 8am to 18h.

Delivery times vary depending on the carrier. In order to follow the progress of the delivery of his order, the customer receives an email at the time of the shipment of the Product ("Departure of the Product") with a tracking code.

The deadlines mentioned on the product sheet are only indicative and AMV SAFETY SARL can not be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery.

The average delivery time is 2 to 5 days for an item in stock. In case of non-receipt of a package within the indicative time, the customer can contact the Customer Service who will determine the cause of the delay and will communicate it to the customer. If necessary, the company AMV SAFETY SARL will open an investigation on the routing of the product to the carrier concerned. The carrier itself fixes the duration of the loss investigation. For example, a product delivered by relay-package and not delivered to the customer will be investigated for a period of 15 working days from the date of initiation of the investigation by AMV SAFETY SARL. The opening of the inquiry takes place within 24 working hours following the transmission by the customer to the person in charge of the delivery disputes within the company AMV SAFETY SARL by contacting by email at , the information of the non receipt of his order as well as the documents necessary to the opening of this investigation that AMV SAFETY SARL is likely to ask the customer.

If during the investigation period, the product is found, it will be delivered to the customer. If the product is not found at the end of the investigation and only on this condition, the company AMV SAFETY SARL:

- will ship a replacement product at its expense if the product is still available

- refund the price of the order lost by the carrier or propose a credit on the next purchase if the ordered products are no longer available.

Delivery providers


This delivery method concerns orders for items whose weight is less than 30 kg and whose size respects the GLS constraints. Home delivery without appointment in France, within 48 hours after shipment of your order, deadline announced by our provider. Usually, a package is delivered to you personally. You then confirm receipt by signing the delivery slip of the delivery driver GLS. Another member of your family can also pick up the package for you. In case of absence, GLS asks a neighbor if he can take care of your package. If no neighbor is able to receive it, GLS reroutes the package to the agency (distribution center) pending further instructions from the consignee for a second delivery.

If the parcel could not be delivered directly to the consignee, the delivery driver GLS leaves a notice containing essential information such as the name and address of the neighbor to whom the parcel has been delivered and the possibilities for organizing a new parcel. delivery. The notice of passage includes a number, the "Track ID". You can use this number or the package number to track your package online, from your smartphone. The Track ID is particularly important if GLS has returned your package to the agency. You can use this number to request online delivery. This means that you can determine for yourself what should happen to your package.


Deliveries by carrier are the subject of an appointment made between the carrier and the customer. Once the carrier and the customer have agreed to an appointment on a date and time slot, the customer must be present on the date and during the entire fixed time period.

In the case where the customer is absent, the carrier will not be able to make the delivery and any costs related to the organization of a new delivery would also be the responsibility of the customer.

Should the carrier suffer a significant delay beyond its control, the company AMV SAFETY SARL will do everything it can to provide a new delivery and costs related to the organization of this new delivery will be the responsibility of the company AMV SAFETY SARL. The site "" belonging to the company AMV SAFETY SARL can not be held responsible for delivery problems resulting from difficulties of access to the place of said delivery. The consequences of these difficulties weigh on the purchaser.

Thus, the company AMV SAFETY SARL can not be sued for damages caused in these cases, and additional costs related to access difficulties will be borne by the customer. It is up to the buyer to ensure the accessibility of the premises to the goods delivered. Deliverymen are the only ones able to judge the difficulty of access and reserve the right not to go upstairs a parcel, not to go through windows etc.

Additional costs related to the rental of elevators and storage of returned goods will be the sole responsibility of the customer. In the event that the delivery can not be made due to difficulties of access, the delivery costs, the expenses of return in our warehouses and / or the expenses of representation will be entirely the load of the customer.

Upon delivery of the product, the customer must unpack the product in the presence of the carrier. He must then verify the conformity of the delivered order (outside and inside the packages) in the presence of the carrier before signing the Delivery Note.

In case of anomaly concerning the delivery, the customer must indicate its reserves in the form of handwritten observations detailed, dated, explicit and accompanied by his signature on the delivery note.

These anomalies can be for example: - Damaged product: scratches, bumps, shocks ... - Product not conforming in kind (error of reference, of color ...) or in quantity ... The expressions "subject to unpacking" or "subject to damage" are insufficient to prove the existence of injury.

Your reservations must be clear, precise and detailed, otherwise we will not be able to complain to the carrier. In case of anomaly or non-compliance, the customer must refuse the package and must, as soon as possible or even the day of delivery, send his complaints to the Service Department of the site "" of the company AMV SAFETY SARL by email to by attaching the photos obligatorily and by registered letter to the carrier within 72 hours of receipt of the goods. The customer will find the address of the carrier on the copy of the delivery note that the driver has left.

Any complaint made outside this period may be rejected without the possibility of recourse for the customer. The absence of claims, the non-issuance of reserves by the customer mean that the delivered product is deemed satisfactory and can not be the subject of any subsequent dispute.

Case of force majeure

The performance of the obligations of the company AMV SAFETY SARL at the end of the present is suspended in case of occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure which would prevent the execution of it. AMV SAFETY SARL will notify the customer of the occurrence of such an event as soon as possible.

10. The guarantee

The European legal guarantee is 2 years. Our products are therefore guaranteed for 2 years.

Exclusions of guarantees  

Guarantees may not apply to:

Defects related to natural wear. Problems related to a domestic accident (water damage, fire ...).

Products damaged by a mounting error or use not in accordance with the instructions for use.

Products modified by the buyer.

Bedding articles with a difference in size not exceeding 3 cm. Indeed, this difference between the announced dimensions and that of the product comes from the handcrafted finishes of the products "hand-made", it can not, therefore, be considered as a defect.

The warranties exclude damage from external sources, damage resulting from improper use of the products, damage resulting from the intervention of a repairer, defects and deterioration caused by natural wear or an external accident (assembly wrong, faulty maintenance ...).

The manufacturer's warranty shall not cover cases where an apparent defect at the time of receipt of the goods has not been declared by the customer under the conditions stated in article 9.

Le vendeur ne pourra être responsable au titre de la garantie des pannes ou dommages résultant directement ou indirectement des cas suivant : · Entreposage sans protection ou prolongé · Négligence · Erreur de raccordement ou de manipulation · Entretien et usage d'équipement non-conforme aux spécifications techniques du vendeur ou du fabricant · Utilisation défectueuse · Ajout de dispositif complémentaire · Ajout d'accessoire de l'équipement · Modification ou transformation mécanique, électronique, électrique ou autres apportées à l'équipement ou à ses dispositifs de raccordement par toute personne tierce.

11. Les responsabilités

Responsabilité de AMV SAFETY SARL

AMV SAFETY n'est pas responsable du contenu de tout autre site auquel vous pourriez avoir accès via le site officiel de AMV SAFETY.

Il est expressément entendu par l'utilisateur de ce site qu'en aucun cas AMV SAFETY ne peut être tenu responsable des dommages quelconques, directs ou indirects, matériels ou immatériels ou spéciaux, résultant notamment de la consultation et/ou de l'utilisation de ce site Web ou d'autres sites qui lui sont liés, comme des utilisations d'informations textuelles, sonores ou visuelles qui auraient pu y être recueillies et notamment de tout préjudice financier ou commercial, de pertes de programmes ou de données dans son système d'information ou autre. En l'absence de tout engagement contractuel, AMV SAFETY peut à tout moment supprimer toute information ou toute référence sur son site ou même suspendre ledit site et ce discrétionnairement et sans préavis.

Responsabilité du client

Avant de signer le bordereau de livraison, prenez le temps de vérifier, en présence du livreur, la conformité des produits reçus, le nombre et l'état du contenu de votre colis. Vous êtes en droit de faire attendre le livreur pour déballer la marchandise et effectuer ces vérifications. Dans le cas d'un produit technique, vous veillerez particulièrement à vérifier le bon fonctionnement de l'appareil livré et à lire la notice fournie.

Important : le livreur devra impérativement vous laisser un exemplaire du bon de livraison.

Sous peine de refus de votre réclamation, vous devez obligatoirement préciser en détail la nature des dégâts : produits rayés, bosse, choc…produit non conforme en nature (couleur, référence…) ou non conforme en quantité.

Important : les expressions « sous réserve de contrôle», « sous réserve de déballage » ou « colis abimé » sont insuffisantes pour prouver l'existence d'un quelconque dommage.

Vous devrez faire apparaitre sur le bordereau de livraison les anomalies, votre signature ainsi que la date. Puis vous devrez impérativement refuser le colis et nous contacter par téléphone au +352 28 99 04 36. Il vous faudra également réitérer votre réclamation auprès du transporteur par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception dans les 72 heures suivant la réception. Toute réclamation effectuée au-delà des 3 jours suivant la réception.

12. Droits d'auteur et propriété intellectuelle

L'ensemble des contenus, pages, scripts, icônes et sons de ce site sont la propriété exclusive de AMV SAFETY ou des détenteurs de droits mentionnés.

Toute production, reproduction ou représentation de ce site, en tout ou partie (textes, sons ou images), sur quelque support que ce soit est interdite. Le non-respect de cette interdiction constitue une contrefaçon pouvant engager la responsabilité civile et pénale du contrefacteur. Il est strictement interdit d'utiliser ou de reproduire le nom AMV SAFETY, ainsi que tout logo et visuel AMV SAFETY, seuls ou associés, à quelque titre que ce soit.

13. Echanges – Retours - Réclamations

Le client dispose conformément à la loi d'un droit de résiliation qu'il a la possibilité d'exercer en en informant le Service Client.

En cas d'annulation de commande, le client dispose d'un droit de retour dans les 14 jours calendaires qui suivent la réception de sa commande en cas de livraison à domicile. Ce dernier peut ainsi obtenir le droit de retourner un produit qui ne lui convient pas, sans pénalité à l'exception des frais de retour de la commande, qui restent à la charge du client.

Le client dispose aussi d'un droit de retour dans les 14 jours calendaires qui suivent la prise en charge de sa commande en cas de retrait à l'un de nos entrepôts.

Ce dernier peut ainsi obtenir le droit de retourner un produit qui ne lui convient pas. Toute demande de retour parvenue à la société AMV SAFETY SARL au-delà de ce délai de 14 jours calendaires pour quelque raison que ce soit ne pourra pas être acceptée. Par exemple, ne peuvent être pris en compte les motifs suivants : - l'impossibilité de joindre le Service Clients par téléphone (le Client peut envoyer un mail) l'absence du client durant le délai de 14 jours calendaires suivant la réception de la commande par un tiers la livraison de la commande sur un lieu de vacances ou d'habitation secondaire. Un produit offert par le client après le délai de 14 jours calendaires Si la commande a déjà été expédiée par la société AMV SAFETY SARL ou son prestataire, le client peut refuser le colis déjà expédié lors de sa présentation mais les frais de retour sont à la charge du client.

Pour les canapés personnalisables, il n'y a pas de droit de rétractation car objet personnalisé.

Droit de rétractation

Le produit doit impérativement être retourné à l'adresse de l'entrepôt de la société AMV SAFETY SARL dans un état propre à la revente, c'est à dire respectant les conditions de retour énoncées ci-dessous :

- Dans son état exact d'origine, à l'intérieur de son emballage qui doit être intact, avec tous les accessoires qui y étaient joints, en parfait état de fonctionnement, ne portant aucune trace d'une utilisation, avec sa notice.

Tout retour incomplet de marchandise de la part d'un client ne sera pas accepté par notre service de livraison. Les marchandises montées ne seront en aucun cas reprises. Les risques liés au retour du produit, quelle qu'en soit la cause, incombent au client. Si le produit est perdu par le transporteur lors de cet envoi, le client en est seul responsable et ne pourra être remboursé par AMV SAFETY SARL.

En cas d'exercice du droit de retour dans le respect des conditions stipulées aux présentes, le client se verra proposer soit un avoir soit un remboursement du montant de l'achat. Si le client choisit le remboursement, la société AMV SAFETY SARL fera son possible pour rembourser le client dans un délai de 30 jours à compter de la date de réception du produit retourné. En cas de dépassement de ce délai pour des raisons indépendantes de sa volonté, la société AMV SAFETY SARL ne pourra être poursuivie par le client.

Si le Produit retourné ne parvient pas à la société AMV SAFETY SARL dans le délai et conditions prévus au présent article 10, le client ne pourra ni être remboursé ni obtenir d'avoir. Dans ce cas, si le client souhaite jouir à nouveau de son produit, il devra en faire la demande par téléphone à la société AMV SAFETY SARL ou par mail à qui enverra alors dans les meilleurs délais le ou les produits. Les frais de réexpédition seront à la charge du client et payables à l'avance par carte bancaire ou tout autre moyen de paiement mentionnés plus haut.


14. Protection de la vie privée

La collecte des données personnelles

Lors de la passation d'une commande, le client accepte de fournir les informations qui lui sont demandées et s'engage sur la véracité de ces dernières :

-         Last name and first name

-         Adresse de livraison et adresse de facturation

-         Téléphone fixe et/ou portable

-         Adresse électronique

-         Le type de la carte de paiement, et les informations nécessaires à l'utilisation de celle-ci pour la commande (N° de carte/ date d'expiration/ cryptogramme).

Les informations collectées par la société AMV SAFETY SARL lors de toute commande ou visite sur notre site par un client ou prospect sont nécessaires pour la bonne gestion de cette commande. Le client dispose d'un droit d'accès, de rectification, d'opposition et de suppression aux données nominatives le concernant. Par ailleurs, le client peut également consulter ou modifier ses données en consultant la rubrique « Votre compte » sur le site Dans l'éventualité où la société AMV SAFETY SARL transmettrait les données nominatives concernant ses clients dans un autre but que pour lutter contre la fraude à la carte bancaire, pour réaliser une livraison, pour faciliter une transaction ou pour résoudre un éventuel litige, pour répondre à une injonction émanant d'une décision de justice ou des autorités légales et que la société AMV SAFETY SARL fournirait alors ces données nominatives à d'autres sociétés qui transmettraient aux clients de la société AMV SAFETY SARL des offres commerciales par courrier postal ou par téléphone, les clients qui ne le souhaiteraient pas pourraient s'opposer à une telle fourniture des données le concernant en écrivant au service administratif de la société AMV SAFETY SARL, ZI Rolach hall 7 zone 1 5280 Sandweiler, Luxembourg.

AMV SAFETY SARL peut transmettre des données non personnelles à des tiers autorisés, par l'utilisation de cookies tiers. Les tiers autorisés par la société AMV SAFETY SARL s'engagent à utiliser ces données conformément aux dispositions de la loi et à établir des chartes de respect de la vie privée. En acceptant les présentes Conditions Générales de Vente, le client donne son consentement à l'utilisation, par la société AMV SAFETY SARL, des données nominatives le concernant.

L'utilisateur a le droit de se désinscrire à tout moment en cliquant sur le lien présent à la fin des emails ou en contactant le SAV par téléphone ou par email.

L'utilisation des cookies

Afin de faciliter la navigation sur le site, des cookies peuvent être implantés dans votre ordinateur. Les cookies sont des fichiers texte non exécutables déposés sur votre terminal de connexion lorsque vous visitez un site. Ces fichiers sont anonymes et l'identification de l'internaute visiteur d'un site par ses cookies n'est pas possible. Simples témoins de connexion, leur fonction est de permettre d'apprécier les centres d'intérêt du visiteur et les types de produits et de services sur lesquels il s'attarde et ainsi d'optimiser la pertinence des bandeaux publicitaires. Ces fichiers anonymes peuvent être transmis à des partenaires. La plupart des navigateurs récents permettent aux utilisateurs de décider s'ils acceptent ou rejettent les cookies et de choisir la durée de conservation de ceux-ci (voir les modalités pratiques ci- dessous). Toutefois, nous attirons votre attention sur le fait que le rejet des cookies peut perturber l'utilisation de ainsi que votre navigation sur d'autres sites.

Pourquoi utiliser des cookies   ?

AMV SAFETY utilise des cookies afin de faciliter et/ou de personnaliser votre utilisation de son site, et ainsi de mieux répondre à votre attente. AMV SAFETY et/ou ses partenaire implante par défaut un ou plusieurs « cookies » sur votre ordinateur ou votre terminal de connexion, aux fins de vous faciliter la navigation, de conserver vos critères de recherche, d'optimiser et de personnaliser les espaces publicitaires et de mémoriser votre login et votre mot de passe. La durée de conservation de ces informations déposées sous forme de cookies sur votre ordinateur est de 60 jours.

Traitement des données à caractère personnel.

Par la société :

La souscription à une vente, un service ou un contrat est subordonnée à la collecte par la société AMV SAFETY auprès du Client de données à caractère personnel dont le traitement est nécessaire à l'exécution de la relation d'affaires ou d'obligations légales. Ces données pourront être traitées, enregistrées et archivées par AMV SAFETY, voir communiquées à des tiers, dans le cadre de la réalisation d'un intérêt licite et légitime poursuivi par la clientèle, la gestion des contrats, du service à la clientèle, la gestion de la relation commerciale, la détection, prévention et lutte contre la fraude, les études statistiques, la gestion du contentieux et du recouvrement des créances, le règlement des prestations.

Les données à caractère personnel communiquées par le Client pourront être utilisées par la Société à des fins marketing direct (actions commerciales, publicités personnalisées, etc...) en vue d'informer le client à propos de ses activités, produits et services, sauf opposition de la personne concernée au traitement de ses données personnelles à des fins de profilage ou de prospection, conformément aux dispositions visées aux articles 21 et 22 du RGPD.

Le client aura toutefois accès à ces données et pourra à tout moment les supprimer en totalité. Toutes les informations du client seront supprimés du système d'information de la société AMV SAFETY et rien ne sera conservé.

Par un sous-traitant de la société

Lorsque le service commandé par le client nécessite de sous-traiter le traitement de certaines données à caractère personnel de ses clients à la société, le client est tenu de conclure un contrat avec la société contenant notamment, les éléments obligatoires relatifs au traitement de données envisagé tels que durée, nature, objectif du traitement, type et sensibilité des données confiées, catégories de personnes concernées, autorisation d'accès, exigences de sécurité, limitations de transfert hors UE, etc... conformément à l'article 28 alinéa 3 du RGPD.

15. En cas de litige

Compétence juridictionnelle

Les conditions générales de vente de la société AMV SAFETY SARL seront exécutées et interprétées conformément au droit Luxembourgeois ou Européen. Le consommateur peut ainsi saisir au choix, outre la juridiction du lieu de livraison ou du siège du vendeur, la juridiction du lieu où il demeurait au moment de la conclusion du contrat ou de la survenance du fait dommageable. Dans l'hypothèse où l'une des dispositions des conditions générales serait considérée comme illégale ou inopposable par une décision de justice, les autres dispositions des dites conditions resteront en vigueur.

16. Le Service après-vente (SAV)

Le Service après-vente est l'interlocuteur privilégié entre le Client et AMV SAFETY SARL.

Le Service après-vente est joignable   :

-         Du lundi au vendredi

-         De 10h00 à 18h00

-         Au +352 28 99 04 36

-         Par mail à (Le délai de réponse n'est pas garanti).

-         Via le compte client sur le site internet (Il recevra un accusé de réception dans l'heure suivant l'envoi de son mail. Le délai de réponse n'est pas garanti).


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